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Reconditioned Rheon KN400 Encrusting Machine

KN400 is a reconditioned Rheon encrusting machine, it’s a popular model in the world which is not only suitable for soft material like meat or cookie dough, but also work on fermented products like steam bun or bread. By adding necessary option, it’s also suitable for making the products with solid filling like walnut, liquid filling like jam, powder filling like sugar powder, or double filling, we also has our own design team could design the special mould for our customers.

We have reconditioned Rheon machines for more than 20 years and recondition for over 1500 units, we’ve sold it to 76 countries in the world including Germany and Japan, the spare parts of Rheon machine also could be offered, any question or inquiry about the machine or parts, please kindly contact us.



Machine Advantage :

It can replace attachments, like many kinds of optional tools for secondary molding.

It is completely safe to be operated for long-lasting operation.

It can record separately the production data up to 100 sets product by computer memory unit.

It is suitable for making Open Top Pizza, Filled Bagel, Moon Cake, Apple Strudel, Bao-Tzu, Cho-shao-Bao, Pearl Ball, Crystal Dumpling,Pirogie,Knish,Hamburg,Calzone,Filled Bagel,Meat Sandwich,Coxinha,Biscuits,Roti,Bao,Crystal Dumpling,Mochi,Biscochos,Kung-Wan, Fish Ball, Peach Bun, Egg Filled Taro Ball, Coconut Cookie, Pan Fried Beef Bun, Sesame Tang-Yuan, Almond Cookie, Pineapple Cake, Fortune Sweet, Crystal Dumpling (Fried), Crown Cake, Pork Ball, Sweet Bean Paste Pie, Stick Bao etc.

。Capacity:10~60 pcs/min

。Product Weight:10~300 g

。Machine Size:1,790mm(L)x 948mm(W)x 1,289mm(H)

。Machine Weight:500 kg

。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 3.2kw

Reconditioned Rheon KN400 Encrusting Machine| Hundred Machinery


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