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Reconditioned Rheon KN120 Encrusting Machine

Multi-purpose function machine, spherical, bar shape and continuous shape.
The proportion of product weight, outer casing, stuffing material and the thickness and production speed can be adjusted.
Suitable for a variety of materials, whether it is soft and sticky products are also very suitable, such as pineapple cakes, moon cake, Mochi and so on.
Computer panel operating which is simple and convenient, 100 groups of product data memory for the next production operation.
In addition, double filling feeder small type device, solid filling feeder device, dry powder device and jam filling feeder device can be attaced. The products can be diversified, such as Mochi, moon cake, frozen fish paste product, prepared food and else.
The nozzle can be customized accaording to the customers’ required, such as mosaic shape, and fiilling biscuits.
With rounding device can be used to produce round products such as stuffed rice balls and Gulab Jamun; with a vertical cutter device, it is suitable for producing frozen biscuits and other products.
It’s easy to clean the machine, and easy to disassemble and instal



Machine Advantage :

It is completely safe to be operated for long-lasting operation.

It can record separately the production data up to 100 sets product by computer memory unit.

It is suitable for making Egg Yolk Cake, Pineapple Cake, Moon Cake, Fish Balls and more.

KN120 can replace attachments, like many kinds of optional tools for secondary molding.

。Capacity:10~40 pcs/min、 10~80 pcs/min

。Product Weight:10~90 g (Round Shape)、 10~150 g (Bar Shape)

。Machine Size:1,400mm(L)x 650mm(W)x 1,250mm(H)

。Machine Weight:250 kg

。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 0.915kw

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