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HM-168 Auto Encrusting Machine (High Speed Type)

High speed filling and forming machine for Scotch Egg, Arancini, Meatball and Kibbeh Forming



  • Award winning design with patent in 7 countries
  • Stainless steel accessories for meat and fish products
  • Compatible with additional feeders and shutters
  • 100 sets production data record




HM-168 is a multipurpose encrusting machine, patented in seven countries. Winning the silver medal of the National Invention and Creation Award of Taiwan in 2010, HM-168 can form stuffed foods into balls, bars and etc. It is suitable for pastries and bakery foods like, mooncake, pineapple cake, filled cookie, maamoul, etc.  Also, HM-168 is useful for making gluten-free foods like, mochi, tang yuan, crystal dumplings, etc. As for bakery foods, HM-168 can make focaccia, pizza and other baked foods with open-top pizza shutter. Other devices and accessories like, ultrasonic knife, twist device, slit turning nozzle (oblique outer type and inner type) can create special shapes and forms like pretzel and twisted doughnut.

Multipurpose Encrusting Machine For Meatball Making

Additionally, HM-168  comes with optional stainless steel accessories for meat, poultry and fish products. HM-168 stainless steel type is a multipurpose encrusting machine for meatball, scotch egg, wellington meatball, kibbeh, Knödel, cheese ball, arancini and etc. Suitable for stuffed fish ball, Coxinha and har gow forming, HM-168 can process sticky ingredients.


HM-168 is equipped with control panel and computer system to adjust the speed, weight, size, and the proportion of skin and filling. With 100 sets of product data record, user can apply automatic machines to mass production with ease. The maximum capacity of a 45-gram product are 100 pieces per minute. Also, HM-168 can be equipped with double filling device to produce foods with multiple fillings. Or, users can apply a solid filling device to filled salted egg yolks, berries, nuts and other solid ingredients. Another filling device is jam feeder. A jam filling machine can be installed to filled custard, jam and other molten and fluid fillings to stuffed foods.


。Capacity:Max 100 pcs/min(Under 45g)

。Product Weight:10 ~ 150 g

。Dimension:1,550mm(L)x 900mm(W)x 1,300mm(H)

。Machine Weight:250 kg

。Power Supply:3Phase, 220V, 1.29kw

Recommended Foods for HM-168 Forming Machine

Bakery & Confectionery:

Maamoul, Marzipan, Cookie Bar, Fruit Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Almond Cookie, Moon Cake, Pineapple Cake, Stuffed Cookie, Twisted Cookie, Mochi, Tang Yuan, Checkerboard Cookie.

Frozen Foods:

Coxinha, Arancini, Meatloaf, Kibbeh, Kubba Croquette, Meat Patties, Pyzy, Fish Ball, Meatball, Cheese Ball, Knödel, Chicken Kiev and more.

Optional Equipment :

1. Double Filling Feeder (For making double filling product)

2. Solid Filling Feeder (For feeding solid material like tomato, egg yolk, nut, dried fruits, etc.)

3. Jam Filling Feeder

4. Vertical Cross Cutter

5. Flattening Roller

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Food produced by this machine