Auto Encrusting Machine
Auto Encrusting Machine

Auto Encrusting Machine

HM-588 is the most advanced multipurpose encrusting machine of Hundred Machinery. Suitable for all kinds of food production, HM-588 multipurpose encrusting machine can make mochi, cookie, meatball, arancini, kibbeh, Coxinha, bun, roll and bread. We designed the slope of extrusion flow controllers into 45 degrees to improve the extrusion, preventing the materials stuck in the hopper. Additionally, HM-588 has two individual motors to control both extrusion flow controllers respectively. Thanks to this new design, users can adjust the proportion of skin and filling with precision, enhancing products quality. The smooth extruding system reduces the influence of the screw, preserving the texture and quality of the ingredients. Another new design is the patented 2-phase shutter system, controlling the thickness of the crust to make products with thin skin and more fillings.

HM-588 multipurpose encrusting machine is the newest design that equipped with a LCD color touch panel display screen. Users can set and adjust the speed, proportion of skin and filling with the touch panel. Also, HM-588 can attach optional devices like, jam filling feeder, solid filling device and ultrasonic cutter. Additionally, stainless steel accessories are available for HM-588 to produce meat and fish products. Moreover, shapers, like rounder, shutter and presser can form the stuffed foods into different shapes. Easy to dissemble and clean, HM-588 is the best choice for diverse food production.




Food that can be produced

Bakery & Confectionery:
Maamoul, Stuffed Bread, Filled Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Mooncake, Pineapple Cake, Snack Cake, Mochi, Sweet Rice Ball, Churros, Pastry, Dinner Roll, Gingerbread and more.
Frozen Foods:
Coxinha, Arancini, Meatloaf, Kibbeh/Kubba, Croquette, Pyzy, Fish Ball, Burger Patty, Meatball, Falafel, Stuffed Steamed Bun, Cheese Meatball, Knödel, Scotch Egg and more.

。 Adjustable product weights, sizes, lengths and proportion of filling and skin
。 User-friendly, efficient and hygienic
。 45-degree extrusion flow controllers
。 2-phase shutter system for even skin and crust
。 Compatible with additional feeder, shutter and shaper
。 Equipped with a LCD color touch panel display screen
。 Stainless steel optional devices for meat and fish production

。Capacity:10~90 pcs/min
。Product Weight:10~600 g
。Dimension:1,660mm (L) x 923mm (W) x 1,380mm (H)
。Machine Weight:545 kg
。Power Supply:3Phase, 220V, 4.5kw

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