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Service Process | Professional manufacturer for encrusting machine | Hundred Machinery

Service Introduction


Overall planning and design for various encrusting and forming machines and continuous production lines for prepared food, baked goods and biscuits.


We offer a whole series of reconditioned Japanese Rheon encrusting machines:
N207, N208, KN111, KN120, KN200, KN300, KN400, KN500, etc.


We offer complete parts, accessories and after-sales services for reconditioned Japanese Rheon machines.


We offer used food machines imported from Japan.
We trade in used Japanese Rheon encrusting machines for new ones.


If you want to replace your old Rheon machine of any model, please contact us and we will arrange a dedicated person to serve you. We also sell Rheon parts to cut your cost of investment.

Service Process

After receiving a customer inquiry, our salespeople will quickly answer every question in detail. To guarantee customers’ benefits, we also offer a free trial run. After making an appointment for a trial run with our salespeople, you only need to arrive at the factory with your materials. Proficient in machinery operation and maintenance, our engineers also perform research on food formulas. If you have any problem with the formula, our technicians can improve or give suggestions according to your product demands and mechanical properties. After completion, our machines are rigorously inspected and tested and go through fine-tuning to better meet customers’ demands.

Detail Confirmation

For machine exports, we package our products with professional wooden cases to protect them from damage during transportation. After a machine has been delivered to the customer, a technician will go to install the machine, carry out a trial run with the customer’s formula and teach the customer how to use, disassemble, and clean the machine so that the customer can put the machine into service quickly. With a commitment to services, we expect every meeting with you.