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Автоматическая машина для изготовления листового теста HM-610 (миниатюрная)

«The HM-610 is an automatic spring roll making machine that can automatically produces spring rolls sheet and samosa sheet. Customers just need to simply pour the batter into the machine hopper, the machine will automatically spray the noodles evenly Wipe on the rotating heated drum, cooked pastry will automatically fall on the cooling conveyor, and then according to the size of the customer needs to do dividing and stacking, stacking amount can be set according to customer needs.

There are many related accessories could be choose with HM-610, such as mixer for mix the batter, colloid mill for speed up the batter mixing, storage bucket with double-layer plate and cooling water compressor for preventing the batter get rotten in the summer, the pump system could pump the batter from the storage bucket to the machine hopper automatically, independent cutting unit could cut the pastry in small size automatically, the accessories above could be choose according to customer’s demand.

According to different pastry size and output, there are HM-620, HM-630, HM-660 could be chosen, please kindly contact us with your product information for offering you more details.



。Capacity:1300 pcs/hr

。Dimension:6,600mm(L)x 850mm(W)x 1,600mm(H)

。Electricity:3Phase, 220V, 15kw


Food produced by this machine