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Máquina para processamento de pão HM-698

HM-698 is a brand new multi-functional buns / bread / silk buns forming machine manufactured by Hundred Machinery. It is suitable for Chinese buns with direct fermenting, fermentation of sour dough, including meat buns, vegetable buns, steamed buns, whole grains steamed buns, Shandong mantou, peach-shaped buns, rabbit-shaped buns, silk buns, etc. With the device of steamed sandwiches, customer can also make different shapes of steamed sandwiches (Chinese hamburgers, Gao bao). HM-698 can also make bakery products such as Grissini, milk bar, and so on.

Regarding operating HM-698, first of all, customer needs to mix and stir all of ingredients by mixer, then put the mixture dough into sheeter to be dough belt shape. After customer put dough belt on the feeding conveyor of HM-698, machine will roll up dough with or without stuffing, which can maintain taste and flavor of hand-made fermented buns / bread / silk buns.

HM-698 is equipped with a separate filling feeder that is convenient for customers replacing another filling hoppers or cleaning the feeder. We also provide assigned hoppers for making vegetarian buns.

Customers can adjust the production speed of HM-698 by themselves, and it’s easy to maintain and clean the machine, conform to international food hygiene standards.



HM-698 are suitable for making Silk Bun,Meat Bun,Vegetables Bun,Cut Bun,Small Steamed Bun,Rabbit Bun,Rice Cake Bean Paste,French Bread,Filling Inserted Bread and more.

。Capacity:Meat Bun 600 ~ 4,000 pcs/hr、 Steam Bun 600 ~ 12,000 pcs/hr

。Product Weight:Meat Bun 30 ~ 150 g、Steam Bun 10 ~ 600 g

。Machine Size:3,623mm(L)x 680mm(W)x 1,769mm(H)

。Machine Weight:750 kg

。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 2.25KW


Food produced by this machine