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Máquina multifunções para processamento de pão – paratha HM-968

HM-968 uses four-stage progressive thinning device to make the dough thin and flat step by step just like the way by rolling pin. In this way, compared with extrusive and pushing way by normal encrusting machine, dough can be lustrous, tender and elastic. The dough can be put into the front hopper directly, after going through thinning device, it will be rolled up by the shaping roller and stuffed filling by auto filling feeder. At last, it will be pinched and shaped by shutter to be a spherical or strip-shaped product.

Production speed, product size, weight, and the amount of filling can be adjusted.

It’s suitable for the product of all kinds of steamed meat bun, steamed vegetable bun, steamed bun, bean paste bun, toast, steamed sandwich (gua bao), dinner roll…etc.



Machine Advantage :

HM-968 are possible to change filling material rapidly and easily because of the easy disassembly cylinder.

The Auto Filling Feeder is an independent unit and easily attached and removed for cleaning and convenience of changing different filling material.

Finally the encruster automatically forms the rolled dough with inner filling into the profile of choice such as ball, long bar or pillow shape.

The ratio of filling and casing is fully adjustable as well as the size and length of product.

HM-968 suitable to roll up Laminated Dough Products, Knish, Dinner Roll, Cinnamon Roll, Meat Pie, Filling-inserted Bun, Meat Bun, Vegetables Bun, Bun with Red Bean Paste, Steamed Bun, Rabbit Bun, Cinnamon Roll, Meat Sandwich and more.

。Capacity:600 ~ 12,000 pcs/hr

。Product Weight:10 ~ 600 g

。Dimension (Standard):3,360mm(L)x 1,300mm(W)x 1,750mm(H)

。Dimension (Optional):4,400mm(L)x 1,300mm(W)x 1,750mm(H)

。Machine Weight:1,000 kg

。Electricity:3Phase, 220V, 4.5kw


Food produced by this machine