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Máquina incrustante Rheon KN130 recondicionada

KN130 is one of Rheon Automatic Encrusting Machines which is imported from Japan. Our technical team recondition used Rheon carefully and offer customers more options of encrusting machines. The machine can automatically fill stuffing inside the products with round ball, long bar, stick, and other shapes. In addition to the basic round products, we can also customize and provide special molds for customers. KN130 comes with a control panel which can memorize 100 sets of different products, and it’s easy for customers to read the product values and start production right away.

The maximum production capacity of KN130 is 40 pieces per minute. It is suitable for making a variety of bakery and confectionary products such as pineapple cakes, moon cake, oil puff pastry products, biscuits, pyzy, fish balls, meat balls, rice dumplings (tangyuan), crystal dumplings, Ang Ku Kueh, and so on.

In addition, KN130 is equipped with a wide range of accessories such as Double Filling Feeder for making single casing with double fillings or double casing products with single filling; Flatten Rollers for biscuits; Solid Filling Feeder can produce Scotch Eggs; with Jam Filling Feeder, customer can successfully fill jam or cream into products.

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Machine Advantage :

It is completely safe to be operated for long-lasting operation.

It can record separately the production data up to 100 sets product by computer memory unit.

It is suitable for making Scotch Egg, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mochi with Ice Cream,Filled Stripe Cookies, Barbecue Pastry Cake , Flower Cookies, Filled Bagel, Pork Ball, Cake Pie, Filled Guacchi, Filled Biscuit, Fish Ball, Piroschki, Fish Paste, Maamoul, Kubba, Coxinha, Filled Potato ,Rice-Flour Dumpling, Hamburg, Sultana Cracker, Treacle-cake, Quenelle, Praline Marzipan, Cookie with Chocolate, Fruit Pie, Mini Stolen, Flatten Filled Cookies and more.

。Capacity:10~40 pcs/min

。Product Weight:10~250 g

。Machine Size:1,266mm(L)x 888mm(W)x 1,318mm(H)

。Machine Weight:250 kg

。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 0.915kw


Food produced by this machine