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Máquina automática incrustante HM-88

“The HM-88 is a brand new small bag filling machine developed by BIOCHE Machinery in 2017. The HM-88 is compact and space-saving. It can be stuffed into the product and automatically make the product into a spherical shape, a bar shape and a bar shape , The use of computer board operation, can be arbitrarily memory 100 groups of products, the operator simply stored in the computer board inside the product read out, you can quickly put into production.

The basic shape of the product is round, after changing the mold, you can also make special shape products.

The capacity of HM-88 is up to 60 pcs / minute. It is suitable for the production of various types of bakery and confectionary products such as pineapple cakes, moon cakes, mochi, salty / sweet dumplings, oil puff pastry products, handmade biscuits … and more.

In addition to the basic skin bag stuffing products, increase the optional double filling device, you can also produce single skin double stuffing or double skinned single stuffing products. Installation of rubbing device, you can also do imitation handmade salty rice dumpling and sweet dumpling, dumplings for the winter solstice or glutinous rice dumpling customers, is a big blessing.



HM-88 is an automatic encrusting machine, specialized in forming stuffed food products. By controlling the speed of encrusting shutter and conveyor, users can form products into balls, bars and etc. Aside from the plain shape, we also provide customized moulds to create designed shapes and patterns.

Auto Encrusting Machine for Tang Yuan

HM-88 is suitable for producing all kinds of bakery products and frozen foods. such as pastry, mochi, biscuit and cookie, tang yuan, fish ball, sesame ball, etc. Additionally, HM-88 is compatible with double filling device to produce foods with multiple fillings and layers. Another optional device is the rounder, which can make sweet and savory tang yuan with handmade texture. That’s why HM-88 encrusting machine  is a helpful equipment for tang yuan production during peak season


HM-88 is a smaller encrusting machine which takes up less space and easy to move. With computer control system, HM-88 can record 100 sets of product data, allowing users to control and adjust production process and condition with precision. Moreover, HM-88 can produce 60 pieces of products per minute. The high capacity is a great advantage for suppliers who delivered bulk orders.


。Capacity:10~60 pcs/min

。Product Weight:10~90 g

。Dimension:1,220mm(L)x 670mm(W)x 1,250mm(H)

。Machine Weight:250 kg

。Power Supply:3Phase, 220V, 0.915kw

Recommended Foods for HM-88 Encrusting Machine

Bakery & Confectionery:

Maamoul, Marzipan, Cookie Bar, Fruit Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Almond Cookie, Moon Cake, Pineapple Cake, Stuffed Cookie, Twisted Cookie, Mochi, Tang Yuan, Checkerboard Cookie.

Frozen Foods:

Coxinha, Arancini, Meatloaf, Kibbeh , Croquette, Meat Patties, Pyzy , Fish Ball, Hamburger, Meatball, Cheese Ball, Butter Ball, Chicken Kiev and more.


Encrusting Machine tang yuan
encrusting machine tang yuan

Food produced by this machine