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Máquina automática incrustante HM-588

HM-588 is a brand-new multi-functional encrusting machine and developed by Hundred Machinery. New design, new features and Innovative Flow controller with 45 degree angle for reducing the material remaining inside. A filling system with independent motors is designed to control flow controllers and speed of hopper separately, preventing excessive extrusion and avoid the damage of dough and material in order to keep material pellet’s texture. And in response to a variety of different product requirements, with 2-step controlled shutter could apply to various products for making more even outer casing. HM-588 can be made four-color mochi, open top pizza, double stuffing bagel, bread stick, meat bun, etc by adding special accessories or secondary equipment, such as double filling device, jam filling machine and vertical cross cutter, etc. Touch panel could be memorized 100 sets of product data, easy to adjust the product weight, product shape, ratio of filling and casing. Simple and easy to operate and disassemble, easy to clean and safe to use for long time

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HM-588 is the best multipurpose encrusting machine of Hundred Machinery. Suitable for all kinds of food production, HM-588 multipurpose encrusting machine can make mochi, cookie, meatball, arancini, kibbeh, Coxinha, bun, roll and bread. We designed the slope of extrusion flow controller into 45 degrees to improve the extrusion, preventing the materials stuck in the hopper. Additionally, HM-588 has two individual motor to control both extruders respectively. Thanks to this new design, users can adjust the proportion of skin and filling with precision, enhancing products quality. The smooth extruding system reduces the influence of the screw, preserving the texture and quality of the ingredients. Another new design is the patented 2-phase shutter system, controlling the thickness of the crust to make products with thin skin and more fillings.

Multipurpose Mochi Encrusting Machine

HM-588 multipurpose mochi encrusting machine is the newest design that can apply IoT system to upload the 100 sets production data to the cloud. Users can set and adjust the speed, proportion of skin and filling with the touch panel. Also, HM-588 can attach optional devices like, jam feeder, solid filling device, open top shutter and shaper for stuffed bagel, meatball, four-color mochi, Baguette, etc. with multiple fillings and colors. Additionally, stainless steel accessories are available for HM-588 to produce meat and fish products. Moreover, shapers, like rounder, shutter and presser can form the stuffed foods into different shapes. Easy to dissemble and clean, HM-588 is the best choice for diverse food production.


It is suitable for

Bakery/Confecionery /Snack:

Maaoul, Bagel, Focaccia, Open Top Pizza, Sossage Roll, Bread, Marzipan, Cookie Bar, Fruit Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Ginger Bread, Almond Cookie, Moon Cake, Pineapple Cake, Piroschki, Flatten Filled Cookie, Striped Cookie, Twisted product, Dinner Roll, Mochi, Ice Box Cookie, Bread Stick, Mochi,

Frozen Foods:

Coxinha, Arancini, Meatloaf, Scotch Egg, Kibbeh, Steamed Bao, Croquette, Meat Patties, Pyzy , Fish Ball, Hamburger,Filled Potato, Chicken Kiev and more.

。Capacity:10~90 pcs/min

。Product Weight:10~300 g

。Dimension:1,660mm(L)x 923mm(W)x 1,380mm(H)

。Machine Weight:500 kg

。Electricity:3Phase, 220V, 4.5kw

HM-588 Auto Encrusting Machine | Auto Encrusting Machine | Hundred Machinery


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