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Formadora de pães chineses HM-688

Our HM-688 is multi-function bun processing machine, the standard type machine could make steam bun and bun with filling. To make the steam bun, the manufacture process of the machine is putting the dough which is pressed by dough sheeting machine, then our machine would roll the products to be long-stick shape and form it by the cutter. For the bun, the operator just need to put the dough which is pressed by dough sheeting machine first, then our HM-688 would press the dough again and form the bun by the shutter. It’s suitable for making the silk bun by fitting with necessary option. The weight of products, the radio, and the speed could be adjusted by control panel easily. It’s possible to change filling material rapidly and easily for independent filling feeder. It’s easy disassembly to wash each component. And it fits for international sanitary food standard.



HM-688 is suitable for making Silk Bun,Meat Bun,Vegetables Bun,Cut Bun,Small Steamed Bun,Rabbit Bun,Rice Cake Bean Paste,French Bread,Filling Inserted Bread and more.

。Capacity:Meat Bun 600 ~ 4,000 pcs/hr、 Steam Bun 600 ~ 12,000 pcs/hr

。Product Weight:Meat Bun 30 ~ 150 g、Steam Bun 10 ~ 600 g

。Machine Size:3,623mm(L)x 680mm(W)x 1,769mm(H)

。Machine Weight:750 kg

。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 2.25KW


Food produced by this machine