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Formadora de bolinhos de massa cozida-tipo folha HM-717

HM-717 is high-speed imitation hand-made dumpling machine that is one of the new model designed by Hundred Machinery in 2017. It is easy to clean and disassemble. This machine has flaky design for the dough which different from the traditional dumpling forming principle, it will not be damaged by screw mixing and keep gluten of dough tasting, the ratio of filling, casing, dough thickness is fully adjustable. Dumpling is produced by thiner skin with full filling, there are 4 advantages such as good tasting, plump appearance, hygienic and high speed of production capacity.

This main machine is designed for imitation hand-made dumplings, the dumpling wrappers with elastic chewy, appearance with full and mellow that breaking the old type of extrusion dumpling machine which can only be formed by single mould. HM-717 can perfectly to present the three-dimensional ingot shape as handmade. The unique dough pressing technology can overcome the problem of extruding dough too strengthen from the old style dumpling machine, reducing the heat and gelatinization of the dough, keeping the original quality and gluten of dough to make the taste as good as handmade dough.

In addition, this machine has a big advantage for reuse the excess dough directly after the automatic dough wrapping, production capacity is up to 3,000-10,000 pcs per hour. In other words, this machine can instead of several dumplings staff, the cost down is very considerable.



。Capacity:3,000-10,000 pcs/hour
。Product Weight:20 ~ 30 公克
。Machine Size:1,950mm(L)x 690mm(W)x 1,460mm(H)
。Machine Weight:230 kg
。Electricity:3 Phase, 220 V, 2.2kw


Food produced by this machine