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  • "The HM-88 is a brand new small bag filling machine developed by BIOCHE Machinery in 2017. The HM-88 is compact and space-saving. It can be stuffed into the product and automatically make the product into a spherical shape, a bar shape and a bar shape , The use of computer board operation, can be arbitrarily memory 100 groups of products, the operator simply stored in the computer board inside the product read out, you can quickly put into production. The basic shape of the product is round, after changing the mold, you can also make special shape products. The capacity of HM-88 is up to 60 pcs / minute. It is suitable for the production of various types of bakery and confectionary products such as pineapple cakes, moon cakes, mochi, salty / sweet dumplings, oil puff pastry products, handmade biscuits ... and more. In addition to the basic skin bag stuffing products, increase the optional double filling device, you can also produce single skin double stuffing or double skinned single stuffing products. Installation of rubbing device, you can also do imitation handmade salty rice dumpling and sweet dumpling, dumplings for the winter solstice or glutinous rice dumpling customers, is a big blessing.
  • HM-168 comes with a control panel which can memorize 100 sets of production data. The maximum production speed is 100 pieces per minute with products weight under 40g. The machine can make various well-known products, including chocolate chip cookies, maamoul, kibbeh/kubba, pineapple cakes, moon cakes, crackers, rice dumplings (tangyuan), fish balls, meat balls, crystal dumplings, Ang Ku Kueh, mochi, Taiwanese meatballs (bawan), sun pastry cakes, taro pastry cakes, sesame balls and so on.

    In addition to standard type machine, we also provide stainless steel type for meat/fish processing and prepare food/ frozen food manufacturers. HM-168 can be equipped with additional options as well, such as Double Filling Feeder (standard/large type), Jam Filling Feeder, Solid Filling Feeder, Vertical Cross Cutter, Rounding Device, Flatten Roller and make a variety of double stuffing products.

  • Automation Solution for Bakery and Pastry for Special Forms and Multi-color Products

    • High speed and multifunction
    • Optional devices for diverse forms and appearances
    • Special accessories for four color products
  • HM-588 is a brand-new multi-functional encrusting machine and developed by Hundred Machinery. New design, new features and Innovative Flow controller with 45 degree angle for reducing the material remaining inside. A filling system with independent motors is designed to control flow controllers and speed of hopper separately, preventing excessive extrusion and avoid the damage of dough and material in order to keep material pellet’s texture. And in response to a variety of different product requirements, with 2-step controlled shutter could apply to various products for making more even outer casing. HM-588 can be made four-color mochi, open top pizza, double stuffing bagel, bread stick, meat bun, etc by adding special accessories or secondary equipment, such as double filling device, jam filling machine and vertical cross cutter, etc. Touch panel could be memorized 100 sets of product data, easy to adjust the product weight, product shape, ratio of filling and casing. Simple and easy to operate and disassemble, easy to clean and safe to use for long time
  • Multi-purpose function machine, spherical, bar shape and continuous shape. The proportion of product weight, outer casing, stuffing material and the thickness and production speed can be adjusted. Suitable for a variety of materials, whether it is soft and sticky products are also very suitable, such as pineapple cakes, moon cake, Mochi and so on. Computer panel operating which is simple and convenient, 100 groups of product data memory for the next production operation. In addition, double filling feeder small type device, solid filling feeder device, dry powder device and jam filling feeder device can be attaced. The products can be diversified, such as Mochi, moon cake, frozen fish paste product, prepared food and else. The nozzle can be customized accaording to the customers' required, such as mosaic shape, and fiilling biscuits. With rounding device can be used to produce round products such as stuffed rice balls and Gulab Jamun; with a vertical cutter device, it is suitable for producing frozen biscuits and other products. It's easy to clean the machine, and easy to disassemble and instal
  • KN130 is one of Rheon Automatic Encrusting Machines which is imported from Japan. Our technical team recondition used Rheon carefully and offer customers more options of encrusting machines. The machine can automatically fill stuffing inside the products with round ball, long bar, stick, and other shapes. In addition to the basic round products, we can also customize and provide special molds for customers. KN130 comes with a control panel which can memorize 100 sets of different products, and it’s easy for customers to read the product values and start production right away. The maximum production capacity of KN130 is 40 pieces per minute. It is suitable for making a variety of bakery and confectionary products such as pineapple cakes, moon cake, oil puff pastry products, biscuits, pyzy, fish balls, meat balls, rice dumplings (tangyuan), crystal dumplings, Ang Ku Kueh, and so on. In addition, KN130 is equipped with a wide range of accessories such as Double Filling Feeder for making single casing with double fillings or double casing products with single filling; Flatten Rollers for biscuits; Solid Filling Feeder can produce Scotch Eggs; with Jam Filling Feeder, customer can successfully fill jam or cream into products.
  • Our reconditioned Rheon KN200 is a multifunction machine. The weight of products, the radio, and the speed could be adjusted by control panel easily. It could make the products from sphere shape to long-stick shape. Our KN200 is suitable for making confectionery, bakery, sweets, frozen food, meat products and more encrusting products. This standard type machine could make one outer casing with one inner filling, and the capacity could be up to 60pcs/min, and the maximum size for sphere shape products is about 300g. For the manufacture process of the machine is putting the dough and the filling into the hoppers separately, then controlled by the panel which could provide 100 sets memories for different products. As the machine KN200 has high horsepower, hence, it is suitable for making sticky products, such as mochi.
  • KN300 is the introduction of the famous brand Rheon from Japan by KNM. The technical team of the headquarter in Taiwan, after careful reorganization and renovation, launches on the market with the intention of being careful and creating excellent products. It automatically inserts the fillings into the products, And automatically make the product into a ball, rod, bar.Using the computer board operation, can be arbitrarily memory 100 groups of products, the operator simply stored in the computer board inside the product read out, you can quickly put into production .

    The basic shape of the product is round, after changing the mold, you can also make special shape products.

    The KN300 has a capacity of up to 60 pcs / minute and is suitable for the production of a wide range of bakery and confectionary products such as moon cakes, puff pastry products, handmade biscuits, red turtles, Hakka food bags, strawberries ... and more.

    Also can increase the matching, such as large double filling device, you can make single-skin double stuffing or double-skinned single stuffing products; flattening wheel can be made of crushed biscuits; solid-type device that can make England eggs; Convergence of independent jam machine, you can successfully jam or cream into the product.

  • KN400 is a reconditioned Rheon encrusting machine, it’s a popular model in the world which is not only suitable for soft material like meat or cookie dough, but also work on fermented products like steam bun or bread. By adding necessary option, it’s also suitable for making the products with solid filling like walnut, liquid filling like jam, powder filling like sugar powder, or double filling, we also has our own design team could design the special mould for our customers. We have reconditioned Rheon machines for more than 20 years and recondition for over 1500 units, we’ve sold it to 76 countries in the world including Germany and Japan, the spare parts of Rheon machine also could be offered, any question or inquiry about the machine or parts, please kindly contact us.
  • apanese reconditioned Rheon KN500 is automatic encrusting machine of high-speed production, which can be operated for long time working. The production process is completely safe and low noise. The production capacity can be up to 60 pieces per minute.

    This machine is equipped with a special feeding component design. The hopper and flow controller can be controlled separately without damaging raw materials, dough composition and ingredients. The colorful human-machine interface can record 100 sets different production data, and the operating is simply and precisely. You can easily to use and view the data when enter the product number; machine is uncomplicated, lightweight and with few components, easy to disassemble and clean. It has three functions of filling, forming and dividing in one process; product weight, ratio of casing and filling is adjustable, production speed can be adjusted. It is very easy to equip with secondary forming mold and other optional tools freely.

    This model is suitable for production all kinds of delicious products, such as moon cakes, pineapple cakes, pastry products, traditional Japanese confectionery, designed shape biscuits, mochi, open top pizza, fish balls, stuffed meat products and other encrusting food.

  • KN511 is the newest version of KN500. It is specially designed for bread products. The special feeding device structure is without destroying dough texture and keeping original taste. It can produce various kinds of breads such as red bean bread, curry bread, red bean Japanese steamed bread and stuffing donuts, etc. The special feeding device reduce stuffing remaining inside the hopper. Less consumption spare parts, simple disassembly and operation, easy cleaning to fit in with food hygiene standards. With Colorful PLC panel, operate easily and could memorize 0 to 99 total 100 different sets of product data. Product weight, production speed, ratio of filling & casing and product size could be adjustable and change different accessories according to customer needs for making spherical shape, bar shape and continuous cylindrical extrusion. In addition, it could be installed double filling feeder to produce a variety of products. The machine can be working for long time and the production process is completely safe and low noise to fit in in with the European CE standard.