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Food Gifting for Moon Festival

Food Gifting For Festival

Despite the setback of global economy, food gifting market has increased steadily. Perhaps, it is the hardship of lives that encourage people to find comfort from food. In every culture, food gifting is the most traditional way of showing affection and care. Tasty foods are not just a nourishment to body or a satisfaction to glutton, but a consolation to souls and minds. Therefore, as the holiday of union, moon festival is the high time for presenting love and friendship. That is, it’s time for food gifting. Both traditional and contemporary pastries and desserts suppliers were prepared for the battle. Bakeries and factories went all out for this high season.

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Why Do You Need To Develop New Products

Mooncake, without a doubt, is the first choice for food gifting. Additionally, confectionery and bakery products, such as egg yolk pastry, bean mung cake, mochi and walnut cookie are popular options.

Every bakery had their bestsellers then why would they need new product development. Developing new products is essential to stay in the trend because you have to do research on the new foods. By observing the preference of customers, suppliers can develop better products and improve the sale. Moreover, the process of developing a new product can help the supplier sharpen their skills and tastes. No matter how good the original products were, presenting new options for customers is essential to the growth of a business. That is why Hundred Machinery provided new product development services.

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Hundred Machinery Can Help

Handmade traditional pastry has been facing a short of supply due to large demand and the lack of worker. Hundred Machinery believed automatic production is an effective solution. Our multipurpose filling and forming machine can solve productivity problem while our Dream Team provides new product development services. Uniting renowned material suppliers and skillful bakers, we provide machines, recipes and the desired products to boost your sale.

HM-588 Multipurpose Encrusting Machine for Traditional Chinese Pastry Making

HM-588 automatic filling and forming machine is suitable for making all kinds of pastries, moon cakes, mochi and shortbreads. With puff pastry machine, you can produce pastry sheet for cream crisp pastry, taro pastry, sun cakes and wife cakes. The machine automatically rolled and folded the pastry sheet, creating multiple layers. Soft and tender, the texture of the pastries wrapped by the pastry sheets are just like handmade. Custard mooncakes, double yolk mooncakes, mochi cookie with multiple fillings, pineapple cakes, ox tongue cookies, etc. You name it, HM-588 makes it.