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Bolo com gema de ovo

波羅皮蛋黃酥 salted egg pastry with cookie crust machine

About Salted Egg Pastry with Cookie Crust

Resembling the rinds, the cookie topping was derived from pineapple bun of Hong Kong and Melon bread of Japan. Though being named after these two fruits, both breads contained neither melon nor pineapple. Bakers creatively adapted the element to making salted egg yolk pastry. Now, covering with crumbly cookie crust, the salted egg pastry had become a big hit around moon festival. Aside from the classic red bean paste and salted egg yolk, mochi, mocha paste, meat floss and nuts are creative fillings for salted egg pastry.

About Salted Egg Pastry with Cookie Crust Machine

HM-588 automatic stuffing machine is suitable for producing multiple pastry and bakery products, like mini pizza, Vatrushka, Focaccia and more. The 45-degree angle design, and the unique extruding system can reduce the residue of materials in the machine. Extruding the filling smoothly, the screw and the extrusion flow controllers are motioned by independent motors to control the rotation speed, reduce excessive squeezing of the material, avoid damage to the dough and raw materials, and thus retain the original taste of the ingredients. With solid filling device and double filling feeder, HM-588 can produce foods with multiple fillings like mooncake, fruit daifuku and more.

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