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Automatic Mochi Making Machine for Wealth

automatic mochi making machine

Eat A Sticky Mochi to Stick Money for You

Mochi is a traditional dessert which is loved for its fascinating texture and diverse flavors. As a snack of long history, mochi has cultural meaning in stories and tales. It is said that the god of land had a sweet-tooth and loved mochi a lot. Therefore, people will present mochi as an offering to treat the god. Pleased by the sweet mochi, the god of land will bless people with wealth and fortune. There’s also a saying refers that eating a sticky mochi will stick you the money. With these lucky meanings, mochi become a popular food for worshipping and gifting.

Automatic Mochi Making Machine

From used Rheon encrusting machines (KN111/120/200/300/400) to HM-88/168/268/588, Hundred Machinery provide a series of mochi making machine for different demands. Among all excellent mochi machines, HM-588 is the newest design for mochi making.

automatic mochi making machine

mochi maker

Solid filling device and multiple filling feeders enable HM-588 to produce mochi of all kinds of flavors and ingredients. For example, with powder fillings feeder, user can make mochi with peanut powder, sesame powder, sugar powder and etc. As for fluid fillings like, jelly, custard, cream and more, jam filling feeders will come in handy. Moreover, a solid filling device can fill mochi with fruit and nuts to make fruit Daifuku, wagashi and crystal mochi. Along with special components, shutters and feeders, HM-588 can make mochi ice cream, mochi moon cake, yukimi daifuku mochi, etc.

HM-588 Make Machine-made Mochi Tastes Like Handmade Ones

mochi maker

The greatest feature of mochi is its squishy but tender and chewy texture. To make mochi taste just like handmade ones, Hundred Machinery designed the slope of extrusion flow controller into 45 degrees. The smooth extruding system reduces the influence of the screw, preserving the texture and quality of ingredients. Another new design is the patented 2-phase shutter system controlled the thickness of the skin. Additionally, HM-588 has two individual motor to control both extruders respectively. Thanks to this, users can adjust the proportion of skin and filling with precision, enhancing products quality.

HM-588 had received high praises from both our clients and their customers. The high capacity, fine quality and outstanding functions make HM-588 automatic mochi making machine a reliable help to mochi production. Don’t worry about lockdown and the impact of virus. We can do the test run for you before the quarantine is over. Make an appointment to visit us for test-run, or contact us for more details.