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Automatic Dumpling Machine

automatic dumpling machine dough recycling machine 

After having eaten so much dumplings these days, internet celebrities made up top dumpling lists regarding flavors, tastes and prices. Though the ranking was based on personal preferences, we can still observe the factors of dumpling selection. Some compared the brands and items to get the best price. Others were drawn to diverse flavors and options. And still others held high demands on the textures and tastes. Also, fancy ingredients were a big attraction too. These lists became convenient references for choosing brands and flavors.

Just Like Handmade:Sheet Type Dumpling Wrapper for Best Texture

As the demand of dumpling escalated, bulk orders overwhelmed dumpling suppliers. Frozen food suppliers sensed the urgent needs of production expansion. Moreover, suppliers of food industry, like food processing and restaurants were also joining the game. Some sought the opportunity to set foot in dumpling business from other fields. Others regarded producing dumpling as a good investment for adding value to their original business.

DS-230:Automatic Dumpling Dough Recycling Machine

Video: HM-717 + DS-230 Automatic Dumpling Dough Recycling Machine

HM-717 Automatic Dumpling Forming Machine-Sheet Type Wrapper has always been favored by customers. The special sheet type wrapper design preserved the texture of handmade dumpling dough. Rolled instead of squeezed and extruded, the dough processed by HM-717 is the key to high quality dumplings. With two molds, dumplings made by HM-717 perfectly were perfectly stuffed and shaped, round and full.

automatic dumpling machine dough recycling machine

To make the best of automation and machinery, Hundred Machinery developed HM-323 Automatic Dumpling Dough Recycling Machine . Attached with HM-717, DS-230 can automatically recycle the cut dumpling wrapper back to the production line. The fully automatic production line saved cost on both time and labor. In addition, it can produce up to 3,000-10,000 pieces per hour. High capacity, durable, simple maintenance and operation, HM-717 and DS-230 is your best choice for high quality dumpling production.

automatic dumpling machine dough recycling machine

Not only do Hundred Machinery provides fine dumpling making machines, but also do we develop new products. For the starter of dumpling business, we cooperate with ingredient suppliers to formulate the desired dumpling wrapper and filling. Five-star test run services, customized molds, stocked spare parts and after-sale supports, Hundred Machinery provides not just machine. We provide quality.