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Salted Egg Pastry with Cookie Crust


Salted egg pastry is a popular moon cake featuring soft and flaky crust. With shiny golden coat of egg wash, a classic salted egg pastry contains red bean paste and salted duck egg yolk. The savory and sophisticated sweetness composed a beautiful ballad on the palate. No wonder that this puffy pastry can win the hearts of young and old.

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What is a Salted Egg Pastry with Cookie Crust?

Novel variants of classic salted egg pastry have always been a boost to pastry markets. For example, ingredients like mochi, mocha and meat floss enrich the original with new flavors and textures. Obviously, such creativity was widely welcomed. Among all the new forms and flavors, salted egg pastry with cookie crust is the new favorite.

Resembling the rinds, the cookie topping was derived from pineapple bun of Hong Kong and Melon bread of Japan. Though being named after these two fruits, both breads contained neither melon nor pineapple. Bakers creatively adapted the element to making salted egg yolk pastry. Now, covering with crumbly cookie crust, the salted egg pastry had become a big hit around moon festival.

In respond to the trend, Hundred Machinery developed not just the machine but the recipe of the desired product. To produce this delicacy with our machine, our bakers worked hand in hand with the fat supplier of our dream team. Developing the recipe of the cookie crust, we aimed to provide more than just the machine, but the product. Applying HM-588 with solid filling feeder, customers can build an efficient salted egg pastry production line for the upcoming holiday.

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Multipurpose Encrusting Machine:HM-588

Hundred Machinery developed a 45 degrees filling slope to improve the extrusion. Reducing the material residual in the hopper, HM-588  can save more cost with smoother extrusion. Additionally, HM-588 has two individual motor to control both extruders respectively. Thanks to the new design, users can adjust the proportion of skin and filling with precision, enhancing products quality. Moreover, the smooth filling system decreases the influence of extrusion, preserving the texture of the ingredients. Another new design is the patented 2-phase shutter system. The time-change mechanism can control the thickness of the crust to make products with even skin.

Product Development and Turnkey Solution

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Integrating ingredients suppliers with our encrusting machine, we established a chain of supply for production. Fats, flours, emulsifier and leaven agents’ suppliers cooperated with Hundred Machinery to provide better production solutions to food suppliers. Saving the cost of product development, customers reduce the risk of applying our machine to new products. With professional consultation, reliable ingredient sources and outstanding machines, Hundred Machinery’s dream team provides a turnkey solution for customers.