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Pineapple Cake-From Bricks to Blossoms


The Most Famous Taiwanese Pastry

Pineapple cake is the most iconic souvenir and a must-eat for visitors who ever traveled to Taiwan. With crumbly, buttery crust, pineapple cake features the sweet and sour stuffing, rich with pineapple flavor. However, do you know there are two kinds of pineapple cakes?Here are the differences and why people like them.

pineapple cake

Traditional Pineapple Cake V.S. Contemporary Pineapple Cake

Pineapple is a tropical fruit growing all year around in Taiwan. In 1930s, Japanese introduced the industrialization of pineapple preserving and processing. Taiwan has then become the third-largest pineapple exporter in the world. However, the market declined in the 1970s and the canned pineapple become a problem. Luckily, the local bakers found the solution. They made pineapples into jams as fillings for traditional pastries. Considering that the public were not so into the sourness and the fiber of pineapple, bakers added sweet ash gourd, maltose and sugar. Yet, as time moved on, the taste changed accordingly. Nowadays, people preferred natural, healthy and sugar-free products. Therefore, the contemporary pineapple cakes contained pure pineapple fillings. The strong flavor and chewy texture won a large group of supporters.

pineapple cake

The Goldbrick of Taiwan

Creating NTD 25 billion each year, pineapple cake is the goldbrick, which set a milestone in the pastry history of Taiwan. Aside from the fillings of all variety, the appearance of pineapple cake was also developed. Square, rectangular, circle, the shape of Taiwan, pineapple and all. We can see that the gold rush has never subsided.

rose pineapple cake

Rose Pineapple Cake

Hundred Machinery developed a 3D mould shaper to form three-dimensional figures, creating rose-shaped pineapple cakes. 3D mould shaper can shape different crust and pastries, providing more diverse appearance than ever. Regarding colors, flavors and shapes, the countless combination enlarged the options of pineapple cakes. From bricks to blossoms, we made pineapple cake please both your palate and your eyes.

3D Mould Shaper and Rose Pineapple Cake

Be prepared for the upcoming festivals, you need eye-catching products. Needless to say, pineapple cakes were popular all year around. Contact us now for pineapple cake production line and 3D mould shaper to boost your business.