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Vegetarian Dumpling for Earth Day

Earth Day

Do you know that April 22nd, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day? For 50 years, people have been actively responding to the impact of greenhouse effect and over farming more than ever. Putting environment protection into action, people changed their lifestyle for greenhouse gases reduction and forest preserving. The first step is to be a vegetarian. Why? Meat production emitted more than 70% of non-CO2 greenhouse gases, demolishing and burning around 6.7 million acres of rainforests. Therefore, becoming a vegetarian is an effective action to make contribution to the Earth. As the public awareness of eco-friendly raised, vegetarian population has increased considerably.

Mouth-watering Vegetarian Dumplings Are Served

For the environment, for the animals, and for health. The drives for eating vegetarian foods has never excluded the craving for delicacies. Take dumplings for example, vegetables have always been common filling ingredients. Whether it is boiled, stewed or fried, dumpling is loved by every culture. Here are some vegetarian dumplings you would like to try!

      1. Vegetarian Dumpling and Vegetarian Potstickers

vegetarian dumpling potsticker gyoza machine

Vegetarian dumpling and vegetarian potsticker have always been popular on the market, and they are getting hotter than ever. Chain restaurants have added vegetarian dumplings of new flavors on their menus. Aside from the typical cabbage, mushrooms, agaric and glass noodles, fillings like, Chinese toon, kimchi or curry are pretty common.

      1. Indian Samosa

Video: HM-777 Samosa

Samosas are crispy triangular dumplings that have been baked or fried all over the world. Traditional samosa is vegetarian food in India. The fillings are usually curried vegetables like, potatoes, peas, carrots, turmeric powder, etc. Served with mint sauce, chutney, and coriander samosa is a great entrée, appetizer and street snacks.

      1. Vegetarian Ravioli

Video: HM-777 Ravioli

Ravioli is a traditional Italian pasta dumpling. Square with jagged edges, ravioli looks like a pillow. The feature of Ravioli is that the vegetable is the main ingredient of the fillings. This simple and tasty Italian dish is not only a great home-made dinner but also a favorite in vegetarian restaurants.

HM-777 multipurpose dumpling machine

HM-777 was developed for producing larger stuffed foods with vegetable granules. Liquids pressed out from vegetable fillings during the extrusion has always been a problem for producing vegetarian dumpling with machine. However, we developed a patented filling extrusion system and solved this problem, maintaining the texture of vegetables. For special demands for sizes, forms and weights, we also provide customized molds to meet your needs. Also, HM-777 can produce xiao long bao, soup dumpling and meat pies with EU-70 encrusting shutter. Therefore, HM-777 is the best choice for vegetarian dumpling, turnover, empanada, calzone, samosa, leek turnover, ravioli and etc.

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