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multipurpose dumpling stuffing forming machine for samosa

About Samosa

Samosa is originated from Middle East and Central Asia then spread to India, South East Asia and Africa. A samosa is a small fried or baked dumpling with savory fillings. Rich with spices, the fillings contain onions, all kinds of beans, meats and potatoes. Samosa has not only all sorts of ingredients and flavors but different shape and forms. Triangular, cone, or half-moon shapes, samosa is made into different shapes depending on the region and culture it was in. In India, samosa usually served with chutney, fresh mint or coriander as entrée, appetizers or snacks.

The emigration and cultural diffusion from these areas results to variants in other regions and called by different names. In Bangladesh, samosas contain fillings with nuts or guts while some are dipped with syrup or accompanied with yogurts.

About Samosa Machine

The HM-777 is a multipurpose forming machine for vegetable fillings with more roots, stems and leaves. HM-737 is a multipurpose filling and forming machine, which can provide stable and mass production. According to your needs, we can not only customize your machine for production line configuration but also customize the food product you wish to produce.

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