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Reconditioned Rheon KN511 Encrusting Machine

KN511 is the newest version of KN500. It is specially designed for bread products. The special feeding device structure is without destroying dough texture and keeping original taste. It can produce various kinds of breads such as red bean bread, curry bread, red bean Japanese steamed bread and stuffing donuts, etc. The special feeding device reduce stuffing remaining inside the hopper. Less consumption spare parts, simple disassembly and operation, easy cleaning to fit in with food hygiene standards. With Colorful PLC panel, operate easily and could memorize 0 to 99 total 100 different sets of product data. Product weight, production speed, ratio of filling & casing and product size could be adjustable and change different accessories according to customer needs for making spherical shape, bar shape and continuous cylindrical extrusion. In addition, it could be installed double filling feeder to produce a variety of products. The machine can be working for long time and the production process is completely safe and low noise to fit in in with the European CE standard.



Machine Advantage :

Small amount of parts for easily operation and cleaning.

。Capacity:10~60 pcs/min

。Product Weight:10~250 g

。Machine Size:1,324mm(L)x 920mm(W)x 1,505mm(H)

。Machine Weight:350 kg

。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 2.155kw

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