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HM-868 Multi-Function Bread- Paratha Processing Machine

HM-868 is suitable for making meat bun, vegetable bun, bao bun, gua bao, steamed bun, steam bread, steamed silk roll, mini bun, bean paste bun, French bread, custard bun, dim sum, mantou and more.



  1. Three-step rolling process:flatten the dough gradually
  2. Roller wrapping forming method: preserving the texture of dough.
  3. Detachable filling feeder
  4. Independent encrusting unit
  5. A complete auto production line with auto dough sheeter and auto aligning machine



HM-868 is a multipurpose stuffed bread processing machine for mantou and stuffed buns making. Aside from Chinese steamed bun, bakery foods made of straight dough, old dough and sponges can be made by HM-868. To preserve the elasticity and texture of the dough, HM-868 adopted a three-step rolling process to roll the dough flat. By 9 special rollers, the dough will be rolled into appropriate thickness, and then wrapping up the filling extruded on the wrapper by a rolling pin. The feature of rolling and wrapping method is that it could preserve the elasticity of leavened dough, preserving the handmade texture.

Users can control the weight, size, and proportion of the product for mass production. Additionally, HM-868 is equipped with a detachable filling feeder and independent cutter. With encrusting units of different shutters, HM-868 can serve as a multipurpose bread paratha machine for savory bread, custard bread, red bean bread and more. Moreover, HM-868 can go with automatic dough sheeter and aligning machine to establish a complete production line. Easy to operate, simple to clean and assemble, HM-868 is efficient, user-friendly and in line with international food hygiene standards.


。Capacity:Bao (stuffed bun) 600 ~ 4,000 pcs/hr、Mantou(steamed bread) 600 ~ 1,200 pcs/hr

。Product Weight:Bao 30 ~ 150 g、Mantou 10 ~ 600 g

。Machine Size (Standard):4,200mm(L)x 1,300mm(W)x 1,750mm(H)

。Machine Size (Optional):5,230mm(L)x 1,300mm(W)x 1,750mm(H)

。Machine Weight:900 kg

。Power Supply:3 Phase, 220V, 3.75KW

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