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HM-80 Automatic Double Line Shumai Forming Machine

          HM-80, your best solution for shumai production.


  • Automatic wrapper production
  • Automatic aligning system
  • High capacity result from the designed rotated forming plate
  • Easy to dissemble and clean



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Hong Kong dim sum is a tremendous market in Asia and around the world. Among all dim sum cuisines, shumai is the most iconic and popular products. In respond to the demand of shumai market, Hundred Machinery developed a double line shumai foming machine for automatic dim sum production line. HM-80 is an automatic double line shumai forming machine for shumai making. The even dough wrapper making and smooth filling stuffing result to high quality products.

Double Line Shumai Machine

Providing high quality shumai, HM-80 can produce shumai wrapper automatically. All you need to do is put the kneaded dough into the dough hopper, HM-80 will roll the dough into even and thin wrapper. Then, the cutter will cut the wrapper into two square and placed into the rolling plate. The special rotating design of the forming plate can fill and form two shumai at a time, increasing the capacity greatly. Moreover, HM-80 is equipped with two robotic grippers to move the shumai from the forming plate to the conveyor automatically. Also, HM-80 is user-friendly and easy to clean. Users can dissemble the parts and clean the wrapper maker with blow gun and water. Producing 5,000 pieces per hour, HM-80 shumai forming machine is an efficient automatic shumai production line for dim sum supply.


。Capacity:5,000~6,000 pcs/ hr

。Product Weight: 14~30g

。Machine Size:1,400mm(L)x 1,000mm(W)x 2,100mm(H)

。Machine Weight:700 kg

。Power Supply:3 Phase, 220 V, 2.5kw

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