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HM-777 Multipurpose Dumpling Stuffing Machine

Best choice for vegan and all sorts of stuffed foods. Calzone, Empanada, Samusa—you name it, HM-777 made it.

Hundred Machinery has been devoted to provide customers a more efficient solution to produce products of best quality. To enhance the utilities of dumpling forming machine, we designed HM-777 to upgrade the functions of HM-737 and solve the juice problem of vegetable fillings.


  • Customized molds for multiple foods production
  • Powder scatter for even powder distribution
  • Water-cooling system for maintaining dough quality
  • Patented Designs:
  1. Centering adjustment device for moulds displacement. Mould adjusting screw for enhancing size inconsistency.
  2. Smooth extrusion feeder for different fillings.
  3. Enhanced filling extrusion system that maintains the texture of leafy vegetables and solves the liquid problem resulted from extrusion
  4. Readied moulds without modification




HM-777 is a multipurpose stuffing and forming machine for all kinds of stuffed foods. As an upgrade version of HM-737, HM-777 can produce larger products like, Maultaschen, Kreplach, Egg Roll, Khuushuur, gyoza, potsticker, Samusa, Gujia and more. If you required special designs, we also provide customized molds to meet your needs. Also, HM-777 can produce xiao long bao, soup dumpling and meat pies with EU-70 encrusting shutter.

Multipurpose Dumpling Stuffing and Forming Machine

Aside from soft fillings like, jams, cheeses, mashed potatoes and minced meats, HM-777 was developed for producing larger stuffed foods with vegetable granules. Usually, liquids will be pressed out during the extrusion of vegetable fillings, resulting to poor shapes and preserving problems. The patented filling extrusion system solved this problem with a bigger extruding tube for fillings, maintaining the texture of vegetables. Therefore, HM-777 is the best choice for vegan dumplings, turnover, empanada, calzone, Panzerotto, Pirozhki, Chebureki and etc.


HM-777 is especially suitable for producing various stuffed foods. With diverse moulds, the range of sizes, weights and shapes is adjustable according to production needs. Aside from the extrusion system, another patented design is the centering adjustment device. Simply by turning the screw, users can adjust the position of the mould to prevent size inconsistency. Additionally, HM-777 can produce 18,000 piece of stuffed food(6g) per hour. The high capacity is a great advantage for mass production lines.


。Machine Size:13,20mm(L)x 600mm(W)x 1,640mm(H)

。Machine Weight:450 kg

。Power Supply:3 Phase, 220 V, 3.75kw

Forming Moulds Options

Shape Weight Length Width Capacity
Half-moon 5~180g 15~125mm 15~95mm 1,800~20,000 pcs/hr
Triangle 5~100g 40~120mm 30~100mm 3,000~15,000 pcs/hr
Square 10~40g 20-60mm 20~60mm 3,000~15,000 pcs/hr
Egg Roll 12~250g 30~250mm 20~50mm 3,000~15,000 pcs/hr
Circle 10~40g 30~60mm 30~60mm 5,000~15,000 pcs/hr
Customization Depending on client’s requirement According to product size

HM-777 Multi-Purpose Forming Machine | Hundred Machinery


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