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HM-737 Multipurpose Dumpling Forming Machine

Get ONE machine for ALL your products!You need HM-737!

Hundred Machinery has been devoted to provide customers a more efficient solution to produce products of best quality. To enhance the functions of dumpling forming machine, we designed a new dumpling machine, HM-737 for all kinds of dumpling forming!


  • Customized molds for multiple foods production
  • Powder scatter for even powder distribution
  • Independent motors for extrusion control
  • Water-cooling system for maintaining dough quality




HM-737 is a multipurpose dumpling forming machine for all kinds of dumplings. Aside from the traditional half-moon shape, we also provide molds of all diverse shapes and sizes for different dumpling products. For example, HM-737 can produce Ravioli, Agnolotti and Maultaschen with square molds while making Pierogi, Pelmeni and Uszka requires circular molds. Also, HM-737 can make samosa, Kreplach and curry puff with triangle molds.  If you required special designs, we also provide customized molds to meet your needs. Moreover, HM-737 can produce xiao long bao, soup dumpling and meat pies with EU-70 encrusting shutter.

Multipurpose Dumpling Forming Machine

The independent motors for extrusion screws of HM-737 allow users to control the speed and proportion of skin and fillings. We applied water-cooled system to prevent the heat, generated by the machine, from spoiling the dough. That is, the compressor will pump cool water to the forming molds to maintain the dough quality. Aside from the well-designed mechanism, HM-737 multipurpose dumpling forming machine is made of stainless steel. From hoppers to conveyor, HM-737 is easy to dissemble for cleaning. That is why we recommend you HM-737 for its multifunction, high capacity and cost saving.


HM-737 is suitable for producing various dumpling products. The range of sizes, weights and shapes is wide and adjustable according to your needs. For instance, HM-737 can produce Samosa, Pierogi, Patties, Empanada, Ravioli, curry puff, Tortellini, Finger Roll, Dumpling, Mini Egg Roll, Pasta, Apple Pie, Gujia and more. Additionally, with computer control memorizing 100 sets of product data, HM-737 is user-friendly for multiple products production.


。Machine Size:890mm(L)x 540mm(W)x 1,545mm(H)

。Machine Weight:350 kg

。Power Supply:3 Phase, 220 V, 2.2kw

Forming Moulds Options

Shape Weight Length Width Capacity
Half-moon 5~40g 15~125mm 20~39mm 1,800~10,000 pcs/hr
Triangle 5~40g 40~80mm 20~60mm 3,000~7,500 pcs/hr
Square 10~40g 20-60mm 20~60mm 3,000~7,500 pcs/hr
Egg Roll 12~75g 30~125mm 40mm 3,000~7,500 pcs/hr
Circle 10~40g 30~60mm 30~60mm 5,000~7,500 pcs/hr
Customization Depending on client’s requirement According to product size

HM-737 Multi-Purpose Forming Machine | Hundred Machinery


multipurpose dumpling forming machine
multipurpose dumpling forming machine
multipurpose dumpling forming machine

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