HM-737+EU-70L Mini Juicy Bun Production Line

HM-737 is a small multifunctional forming machine, suitable for making many kind of proudcts, by changing different molds can produce Dumpling, Samosa, Ravioli, Empanada, Gyoza… And so on, this machine is suitable for producing raw meat, the style, thickness, width of the sealed edge are all available in various designs.

The mould is customized according to the size of customer needs, we also could print the plastic mould for test by 3D printer if customer would like to test the special shape.

the machine contains multiple motors can be independently controlled the speed of outer dough, the filling, filling rotor, forming mould to facilitate the customer to adjust the production capacity and the amount of demand . By adding EU-70L independent encrusting unit, the machine can also produce XialLongbao, Khinkali, small bao…etc.



Machine Advantage:

HM-737 is suitable to produce to produce a wide variety of filled food products, such as Samosa, Pierogi, Patties, Empanada, Ravioli, Curry Puff, Tortellini, Finger Roll, Dumpling, Mini Egg Roll, Noodle, Pasta, Apple Pie, Gugia and more.

With Computer operation panel and Key Board panel two options,

Computer operation panel could be easy to operate and memorize the product data for 100 sets. New Patent makes machine operating easily and stuffing extruding stably.

New Design New Feature :

1.Evener and smoother flour dropping

2.New design for more stable extrusion

3.Disassemble filling hopper quickly

4.Easy to adjust center position of mould rapidly


。Machine Size:890mm(L)x 540mm(W)x 1,545mm(H)
。Machine Weight:350 kg
。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 2.2kw


。Machine Size:1,380mm(L)x 930mm(W)x 1,020mm(H)
。Machine Weight:100 kg
。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 0.78kw

Forming Mould List

Half-moon5~40g15~125mm20~39mm1,800~10,000 pcs/hr
Triangle5~40g40~80mm20~60mm3,000~7,500 pcs/hr
Square10~40g20-60mm20~60mm3,000~7,500 pcs/hr
Egg Roll12~75g30~125mm40mm3,000~7,500 pcs/hr
Circle10~40g30~60mm30~60mm5,000~7,500 pcs/hr
CustomizationDepending on client’s requirementAccording to product size

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Food produced by this machine