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HM-727 Desktop Dumpling Machine

HM-727 Table Top Dumpling Machine is one of the first table-top type stuffing machines of Hundred City Machinery Co., Ltd., and one of the strong new models to be launched in 2017 is Hundred City Machinery. Its appearance is light, space-saving and easy to use. durable. Dough is a ribbon design, different from the traditional dumping machine extrusion dough forming principle, will not be damaged by screw stirring surface dough and stuffing, dough at any time can be adjusted to produce dumplings, thin skin full, production efficiency High, save time and labor, both taste, beauty, health, rapid four major advantages.

This machine mainly imitation hand-made dumplings, dumpling skin, taste Q shells, rounded appearance full, breaking the old dumpling machine can only unilateral rolling state, the perfect hand-filled stuffed three-dimensional ingot shape, unique pressure surface technology Overcoming the problem of strong squeezing dough by the old dumpling machine, reducing the heat and gelatinization of the dough, maintaining the original dough quality and strength of the dough, it is an indispensable good companion for the chain store.



Machine Advantage :

1.Finished rounded, such as hand-made
2.Faced with the production of hand-held taste
3.Break the old squeeze molding principle
4.For chain stores and stores

。Capacity:600 ~ 2500 pcs/hour
。Product Weight:20 ~ 30 g
。Machine Size:820mm(L)x 630mm(W)x 635mm(H)
。Machine Weight:64 kg
。Electricity:3 Phase, 220 V, 240w

HM-727 Desktop Dumpling Machine | Hundred Machinery


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