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HM-717 Dumpling Forming Machine-Sheet Type

HM-717 is newly  designed high-speed dumpling machine of Hundred Machinery in 2017. It is easy to clean and disassemble. This wrapper forming design is different from the traditional dumpling forming principle, which resembled the texture of handmade dumpling wrapper.

High quality and efficient dumpling machine for tasty food, hygienic production and large capacity, HM-717, Hundred Machinery’s newly developed dumpling machine is your perfect choice for dumpling making. Tender but still chewy, dumpling wrappers made by HM-717 obtain that pleasurable texture of handmade dumplings. Adjusting the quantity of fillings and the thickness of wrappers, HM-717 can produce abundantly stuffed dumplings with thin wrappers. Moreover, the forming principle of HM-717 evolved from the traditional dumpling machines, which can only create folds on one side. HM-717 can create stereoscopic shape dumplings which resemble handmade dumplings with round and full appearances. HM-717’s rolling technique reduce the heat up and gelatinization of dough result from extrusion. Preserving the dough quality and elasticity, HM-717 reproduces the texture of handmade dumpling.


The highlight of HM-717 is the dough recycling system. Collecting the cut dumpling wrappers, HM-717 automatically recycled the dough back to the conveyor for the next roll. Producing around 3,000 to 10, 000 pieces an hour, an HM-717 can save huge costs on human resources and materials.



。Capacity:3,000-10,000 pcs/hour
。Product Weight:20 ~ 30 公克
。Machine Size:1,950mm(L)x 690mm(W)x 1,460mm(H)
。Machine Weight:230 kg
。Electricity:3 Phase, 220 V, 2.2kw

HM-717 Dumpling Forming Machine-Sheet Type | Hundred Machinery


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