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HM-717 Dumpling Forming Machine-Sheet Type Wrapper

For those who pursuit the top quality of dumplings, we give you HM-717!

Hundred Machinery has been devoted to provide customers a more efficient solution to produce products of best quality. To speed up the process without changing the combination of the product, we designed a new dumpling machine, HM-717, to narrow the gap between human and machine.


  • Sheet type wrapper design to create handmade texture
  • Two roller molds for forming full and round dumplings
  • Applicable to automatic dough recycling machine
  • High capacity:3000~10,000 pic/hr
  • Easy to assemble, to clean and to operate




High function and efficient, HM-717, Hundred Machinery’s newly developed dumpling machine is your perfect choice for dumpling making. The four major advantages of taste, beauty, hygiene and high productivity make HM-717 one of our strongest machine.

Using stainless steel and food-grade plastic, HM-717 provides hygienic production to ensure food safety. You can adjust the quantity of fillings and the thickness of wrappers to produce full stuffed dumplings with thin wrappers. Tender, yet chewy, dumpling wrappers made by HM-717 obtain that pleasurable texture of handmade dumplings.

Innovative Machine for Sheet Type Dumpling Wrapper

The greatest advantage of using HM-717 is the high quality of dumpling wrappers. HM-717 developed an innovative wrapping method, solving the heat problem and dough gelatinization caused by extrusion. To be more specific, HM-717 rolls the dough into sheet without extruding doughs with screws, preserving dough quality and elasticity. As a result, HM-717 reproduces the texture of handmade dumpling. Moreover, HM-717 can create round and full dumplings with 2 patented 3D molds to form the shape and appearance resembling handmade ones.


The highlight of HM-717 is the optional accessory: dough recycling system. Dough recycling machine can automatically collect the cut dumpling wrappers and refill the dough hopper. In addition, HM-717 can produce around 3,000 to 10, 000 pieces per hour, and save huge costs on human resources. Moreover, HM-717 is user-friendly, easy for assembling and cleaning. In a nutshell, HM-717 is your best option for high quality dumpling. Our sheet type wrapper dumpling machine will impress you with durability and high productivity.


  • Capacity:3,000-10,000 pcs/hour
  • Product Weight:20 ~ 30 g
  • Machine Size:1,950mm(L)x 690mm(W)x 1,460mm(H)
  • Machine Weight:230 kg
  • Power Supply:3 Phase, 220 V, 2.2kw

HM-717 Dumpling Forming Machine-Sheet Type | Hundred Machinery


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