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HM-660 Twin Baked Drum Pastry Sheet Making Machine

For the pastry spring rolls and samosa skins, Hundred City Machinery introduced the HM-660 double-roasted spring roll wrapping machine to provide high-volume spring roll wraps to meet customer demand. The HM-660 is the doubled yield of the HM-620, Available in a maximum range of 23-25 ​​cm. Compared to the HM-620, the HM-660 is a space-saving, labor-saving, low-maintenance, low-power model that significantly reduces the time it takes to clean machine parts .

HM-660 is equipped with double grilled wheels, ice machine, spring roll cooling system, skinning counting stack system and finished conveyor belt. In a nutshell it will bake, cool, cut, count and stack the system in one place.

In the grilled wheel parts, grilled wheels are special materials, durable for more than 20 years. The outer circumference of the baking wheel is provided with a thermal insulation cover, and the heat resistant wire can reach 480 DEG C. The baking temperature of the baking wheel can be adjusted according to the formula and thickness of the skin. According to the order requirements, the use of unilateral baking round of production.

In the peel count stacking system, the hardness of the cutter is hard, if the wear can be adjusted, do not have to replace the cutter immediately. And can be arbitrarily set according to customer needs, up to 99 as a stack. With a white iron conveyor belt network, more in line with international health needs.

Matching another sprinkler, stand-alone and spring roll cuticle pasting



。Capacity:5,400 pcs/hr

。Dimension:6,800mm(L)x 1,420mm(W)x 1,900mm(H)

。Electricity:3Phase, 220V, 56kw

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