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HM-268 Auto Encrusting Machine(High Speed Type)

HM-268 is our high speed type brand new encrusting machine, it’s suitable for making confectionery, bakery, frozen food, meat products…etc, the capacity could be up to 100pcs/min if the product’s weight is under 60g.  It’s with high expandable ability, it’s suitable for fitting any kind of double filling feeder, secondary molding and designed mould for making the products in special shape.

HM-268 is with control panel which could memorize 100 different sets of data for making different products, it could easily to control the product size, length, capacity, weight, ratio of inner and outer material, it also has safety pin function could prevent putting the wrong stuff into the hoppers to destroy the internal parts.

By adding the necessary option, HM-268 is suitable for making 4 colors products, if you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.



Machine Advantage :

HM-268 could produce 4 colors product series.

This is the innovated design to enrich product range.

。Capacity:Max 100 pcs/min(Under 60g)

。Product Weight:10 ~ 300 g

。Dimension:1,730mm(L)x 950mm(W)x 1,280mm(H)

。Machine Weight:500 kg

。Electricity:3Phase, 220V, 3.86kw

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Food produced by this machine