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HM-268 Auto Encrusting Machine(High Speed Type)

 Automation Solution for Bakery and Pastry for Special Forms and Multi-color Products


  • High speed and multifunction
  • Optional devices for diverse forms and appearances
  • Special accessories for four color products




HM-268 is the upgrade version of HM-168, enhanced for forming larger cake with more fillings. Patented in seven countries, HM-268 is designed for bakery product and baked food, like filled cookie, pastry, bread stick, bun, bread and roll. Additionally, HM-268 is a filled cookie encrusting machine suitable for sticky ingredients for minced meat and surimi products. Also, the computer can record 100 sets of production data. Therefore, users can simply adjust the setting to control the size, weight and proportion of skin and filling.

Filled Cookie Encrusting Machine

Addition to the high capacity, HM-268 is compatible with double filling feeder (desktop/standalone), jam filling feeder, powder filling feeder, solid filling feeder, shutter, rounder and shaper, and etc. Efficiently, you can produce stuffed pastries of all kinds. Moreover, we have continuously developed more functions regarding the materials and the appearances of the product. Attached with special encrusting mould and assigned device, HM-268 can make four-color filled cookie and filled biscuit. This innovative design is a great advantage for users with high demands on forms and appearances.


。Capacity:100 pcs/min (Under 60 g)

。Product Weight:10 ~ 300 grams

。Machine Size:1,730mm(L)x 950mm(W)x 1,280mm(H)

。Machine Weight:500 kg

。Power Supply:3 Phase, 220 V, 3.86kw

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