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AN208 – AN209 Encrusting Machine

AN208 is a multi-functional food encrusting machine; it can make food product in spherical shape, stick shape, and continuous stick shape (without shutter cutting). Besides, by using PLC control panel, the production speed, the weight and proportion of the outer casing and inner filling can be adjusted accurately. It can also record the data for 100 different products. The only thing to do to read the memory is to press the button on the control panel, and the product weight, size and speed is correspondent with what you want. For more kinds of products, AN208 is able to be equipped with shaping optional attachment like guillotine cutter, rounding device, flattening roller, etc.
It’s suitable for making ice cream mochi, mosaic cookies, meat ball with cheese filling, meat roll, moon cake, bun, maamoul, etc.



Machine Advantage :

1.Machine durable, simple operation, easy maintenance.

2.PUNCHING MACHINE with the exhaust air to remove excess dough inside, make bread soft and elastic.

。Capacity:35 pcs/min

。Product Weight:15~300 g (Different According to Encrusting Unit)

。Machine Size:1,930mm(L)x 1,235mm(W)x 1,345mm(H)

。Machine Weight:500 kg

。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 1.88kw

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Food produced by this machine