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HM-868 मल्टी फ़ंक्शन ब्रेड-पराठा प्रसंस्करण मशीन

मुखपृष्ठ / Products / HM-868 मल्टी फ़ंक्शन ब्रेड-पराठा प्रसंस्करण मशीन

HM-868 मल्टी फ़ंक्शन ब्रेड-पराठा प्रसंस्करण मशीन

The machine adopts three steps of progressive thinning method to press the dough into a proper thickness. After the dough is pushed forward by the conveyor belt, the filling material is automatically extruded to the dough skin by the filling machine, and the filling material is completely formed through the forming roll wrapped into the dough, and finally to shape the round shape or bar shape by shutter, products such as buns, bread, bao and other products.

Production speed, product size, dough weight and the proportion of stuffing can be adjusted by the control panel at any time.

The way of machine forming does not damaged the gluten of the dough, which could completely maintain the original flavor just like handmade.

The Independent shutter unit, which makes it more convenient and flexible for customers to operate and use the machine, and the maintenance is more convenient and easy to disassemble and clean.

Optional accessories can be added to produce various products such as silk bun  and bicolor Steam Bun.

If the production line could be combined the sheeting machine and the dough dividing machine, it will greatly increase the production capacity, and reduce labor costs and food ingredient consumption.



Machine Advantage :

Following this process, the Auto Filling Feeder will place the filling on the dough belt.
The dough belt with the filling on top is then rolled by the cylindrical molding section so as the dough belt forms the outer casing.
The Auto Filling Feeder is an independent unit and easily attached and removed for cleaning and convenience of changing filling types.
Finally the encruster automatically forms the rolled dough with inner filling into the profile of choice such as ball, long bar or pillow shape. The ratio of filling and casing is fully adjustable as is the size and length of product.
HM-868 is easy to disassembly for cleaning every components. And to fit for sanitary food standard.

HM868 are suitable to make Laminated Dough Products, Knish, Dinner Roll, Cinnamon Roll, Meat Sandwich, Hot Dog Bread, Meat Pie, Toast (Pan Bread), French Bread, Filling-inserted Bun, Meat Bun, Vegetables Bun, Red Bean Bun, Steamed Bun, Rabbit Bun etc.

。Capacity:Meat Bun 600 ~ 4,000 pcs/hr、 Steam Bun 600 ~ 1,200 pcs/hr

。Product Weight:Meat Bun 30 ~ 150 g、Steam Bun 10 ~ 600 g

。Machine Size (Standard):4,200mm(L)x 1,300mm(W)x 1,750mm(H)

。Machine Size (Optional):5,230mm(L)x 1,300mm(W)x 1,750mm(H)

。Machine Weight:900 kg

。Electricity:3 Phase, 220V, 3.75KW


Food produced by this machine