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Champion Bakers’Experiences Sharing Event At Hundred Machinery

For the prosperity of bakery industry, the United Bakery Association of ROC held the Bakers Experiences Sharing Events of Champions of Coupe Louise Lesaffre Asia region in New Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. Hundred Machinery is honored to assist the preparation of this event. “It is our pleasure to support the bakery industry,” said the CEO of Hundred Machinery. Providing five-stared service for customers around the world has always been our goal. Sparing no efforts, all staffs of Hundred Machinery were dedicated to make the event a success.

Before The ShowPreparation For Perfection

The preparation started weeks ago. Connecting food processing and supplier chain in the food industry, we cooperated with bakery equipment and ingredient suppliers to provide professional resources for the bakers. Moreover, aside from the venue, we managed all the details and schedule. Beverage, uniforms, audio equipment, stage and lighting, we kept rehearsing to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Attendants Of Champion Bakers Experiences Sharing Event

Chairman of the United Bakery Association of Taiwan, Zhou Zi liang, and the chairman of the Taiwan Baking Industry Development Association, Ma Shou shan attended the event. Bakers, bakery owners, food suppliers of Southern Taiwan filled the show room of Hundred Machinery. Chairman Zhou hoped that these events can improve the relationship between members of association through experiences exchanges, so as to boost bakery industry. He also admired our dedication, saying that the venue provided by Hundred Machinery are spectacular and amazing.

Bakers Experiences Sharing Event

Show TimeThe Brilliance Of Champion Bakers

Chef Zhang Shi Bin, Taiwan candidate of 2019 Coupe Louise Lesaffre and the champion in sweet bread category, and chef Wang You Sheng, another Taiwan candidate and the champion in artistic piece category, were the stars of this event. They demonstrated skills and techniques used to make meticulous breads and pastries. Recipes and experiences shared by the two champion bakers drew all attentions. Among all spectacular breads, a piece of artistic bread was made for the event. An exquisite bread sculpture of mermaid and a well arranged display of breads were presented. No details would be missed, with notes and pictures taken by both attendants and journalists. Moreover, the event provided samples of breads made by the two bakers for the attendants. All attendants were indulged in the wonderful tastes of the delicate breads.

Bakers Experiences Sharing Event   

After The ShowA Tour At Hundred Machinery

After the Bakers Experiences Sharing Event, CEO Tsai gave the attendants a tour to introduce the headquarter. Presenting not only the hardware and modern facilities, we emphasized the core value of Hundred Machinery. We value quality and services above all, and that is why we are devoted to offer the best for all guests and customers.

Despite the pandemic, the event was a great success. Bakers of Taiwan revealed their perseverance throughout the events. All the efforts were paid off when we received positive feedback from our guests and the recognition of the host. Hundred Machinery will keep on assisting the bakery industry and showing the world that we can do more than making machines.