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3 More Days!Taipei International Bakery Show, Here We Come.

This year, Hundred Machinery will give the most advanced automatic encrusting machines. Bakery food, frozen food, Asian foods and pastries and stuffed foods of all kinds, we got machines which can meet your demands. Come to the show and let us surprise you with our demonstration. We will fulfill your desire with our equipment. Now, let’s have a quick peek of the amazing machines beforehand.

Most Advanced Model:HM-588 Auto Encrusting Machine

-LCD color touch panel display screen is a user-friendly design for beginners.

-Memorizing 100 sets of product data, HM-588 is easy to operate.

-Multi-function for all kinds of stuffed food production.

Make Your Product Unique and Fascinating:HM-102 3D Food Shaper

-Shape your product in a blink of an eye.

-Make your product looks one of a kind with customized molds

-Pineapple cakes, moon cakes and all.

A Must-have for Production Line:HM-206 high-speed Food Aligning Machine

Still placing your products by hands?Put auto food aligning machine in your list.

-Aligning 100 products in the tray per minute.

-Placing 30 bakeware at a time.

In Pursuit of Best Dumpling Texture:HM-717 Dumpling Forming Machine-Sheet Type Wrapper

-Innovative forming method for dumpling making

-Preserving the texture of dumpling wrapper with sheeted dough

-Control the proportion of wrapper and filling according to your preferences.

-Dough recycling machine for more cost-saving production

taipei international bakery show

    taipei international bakery show

HM-688 Bun Forming Machine /Gua Bao Machine

-Control the weight, size and proportion of wrapper and filling according to your preferences.

-Independent detachable filling hopper make your production flexible

-Optional forming devices for steamed sandwich/bao bun/duck bun and gua bao.

Don’t Know Where To Start?HM-168 Auto Encrusting Machine (High Speed Type) Is A Good Choice

-Silver Medal Winner of National Invention and Creation Award of Taiwan, 2010.

-Adjustable product weights, sizes, lengths and proportion of filling and skin

-Stainless steel accessories for meat and fish products

Want to know more optional devices?Come to the exhibition and find out.

Used Machines Are Fine As Well:Reconditioned Rheon KN111 Encrusting Machine

-One-year warranty, parts replacement and technical support

-Small in size and space-saving

-Multifunctional, efficient and user-friendly


Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, 1、4F

(No.2, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan)

Booth Q524


2020/07/30 – 2020/08/01,10:00-18:00