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Commercial Mooncake Forming Machine For Bakers

自動広式月餅機 Commercial Mooncake Forming Machine For Automatic Production

What came to your mind when you thought of moon festival?Full moon, barbecue, fireworks and mooncake, of course. Among all kinds of mooncakes, Cantonese mooncake is the most iconic and most popular mooncake.

The Art of Festive Food—Cantonese Mooncake

Cantonese-style moon cake had its origin in Guangzhou. Around 1889, bakers added lotus seeds paste into the pastries which won the public’s hearts with its elegant taste. Since then, different stuffing, like egg yolks, bean paste, sausages and other sweet and savory fillings were filled in mooncakes. Cantonese mooncake features its tender, thin and delicate crust. The egg-washed golden brown crust with meticulous patterns make Cantonese mooncake a dessert that is impossible to resist. Whether you like Chinese pastries or not, Cantonese mooncake is a must-eat for sweet lovers.

Peak Season!You Need Machines For Help

Here comes the peak season of mooncake and traditional pastries as Mid-autumn festival approaches. Since the shelf life of mooncake is relatively short, bakeries and food gifting suppliers had to prepare bulk orders in a short period of time. Therefore, bakers will hire part-time workers to make up the productivity. However, it’s time consuming and costly. According to one of our customers, they never get off work before 2 in the early morning during the peak season. This is why they came to Hundred Machinery for help.

Commercial Mooncake Forming Machine For Automatic Production

HM-588 commercial mooncake forming machine can reach a maximum output of 90 pieces per minute to produce pastry with high quality and high productivity. We developed the extrusion flow controllers of HM-588 with 45-degree slopes, enabling smooth extrusion with less ingredient waste. Aside from the two motors for screws, HM-588 has two additional motors for both extrusion flow controllers. Controlling the extruding speed respectively, the design preserves the texture of ingredients and the proportion of the skin and filling.

Video: HM-588 Commercial Mooncake Forming Machine For Automatic Production

Additionally, HM-588 can enhance the quality of solid fillings by upgrading solid filling feeder with degassing device. The device will suck out the air between solid foods and other fillings, combining all fillings together densely. Along with HM-101 Mooncake stamping machine and HM-203 automatic food aligning machine, HM-588 commercial mooncake forming machine will be an efficient mooncake production line.

This moon festival, enjoy the holiday with your family and make an easier profit with mooncake machine of Hundred Machinery. Contact us for automatic mooncake production line and free test run services.