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Industrial Samosa Making Machine for Asian Street Foods

Night markets, bubbling frying pots, exotic veggies for flavoring, fascinating spices and hot sauces, rising the curtain of the greatest show of Asian street foods. On the stage are the crispy, savory pastries with spicy and flavorful fillings, samosa and curry puff!Closely related, yet distinctively different, samosa and curry puff are the stars of South East Asian snacks. Though curry puff and samosa share similarities, like sizes, shapes and flavors, they feature different cooking techniques and forming methods.

Samosa vs Curry Puff

As a common snack in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and South East Asia, curry puff has a great variety of fillings. A curry puff is a half-moon pastry stuffed with chicken or beef, curry powder, onions and potatoes. In Indonesia, a curry puff contains no curry but rice vermicelli while boiled eggs or sardines are common in Malaysia. Served with sweet chili sauce or pickled cucumber dipping sauce, curry puff is exciting to eat.

Samosa is originated from Middle East and Central Asia, then spread to India and South East Asia. Rich with spices, samosa contains onions, all kinds of beans, meats and potatoes. Unlike curry puff, a samosa can be triangular, cone, or half-moon shapes folded by thin, flaky pastry sheet. In India, samosa is a vegetarian food without meat fillings. Served as an appetizer, a samosa usually goes with coriander, mint and chutney. The fresh and spicy flavor make samosa irresistible.

HM-777 Industrial Samosa Making Machine for Curry Puff

Industrial samosa making machine was designed for exotic dumplings, turnovers and stuffed pastries. Instead of folding the pastry with thin skins, HM-777 can form both samosa and curry puff with designed molds automatically. Additionally, HM-777 can produce 18,000 piece of stuffed food(6g) per hour. The high capacity is a great advantage for mass production lines. Efficient and hygienic, HM-777 is the best choice for catering business, authentic Asian snacks suppliers and frozen exotic food manufacturers. Moreover, with diverse moulds, the range of sizes, weights and shapes is adjustable according to production needs. HM-777 can produce other stuffed foods, like ravioli, pelmeni, pierogi, calzone, empanada, pizza pockets and more.

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