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Industrial Turnover Machine – Calzone vs. Turnover

Speaking of street foods, what comes to mind first?A taco? A hot dog? A meat bun? Or an empanada?

Street foods might be the best means to observe the food culture of a place. The diversities of ingredients, flavors and local characters make street food distinctive and charming to foreign cultures. However, street foods of different cultures still share a lot of similarities, which is easy to handle and easy to eat. Sandwiches and burgers are breads with fillings while burritos and spring rolls are more properly wrapped. And, another kind of street foods go even further to seal the fillings completely.

A turnover is a type of food which wrapped up the fillings with dough then baked, pan-fried or deep fried. These half-moon shaped dumpling, pie and pastry can serve as snacks or a meal. Calzone, empanada, Indian samosa, Lebanese Fatayer, Ukrainian chebureki, Tartar Öçpoçmaq, Tunisian Brik and Mongolian Khuushuur are turnovers of all kinds. They can be found in different regions with different preparations and names, but the popularity is alike.

Garlic Chive Turnover – Fried Dumpling

industrial turnover machine for garlic chive turnover

In Asia, garlic chives are widely used in cuisines as a spice for flavoring and a substitute for scallions. Additionally, garlic chives can also serve as a vegetable which can be stir fried, added in pancakes and dumplings. A garlic chive turnover is a large dumpling contains fried eggs, minced pork, dried tofu and cellophane noodles. Pan-fried or deep fried, the chewy skin turns crispy and gold while the chopped chive fillings are crunchy and flavorful. The amazing smell and texture make garlic chive turnover an irresistible street food.

Calzone – Folded Pizza Pocket

industrial turnover machine for calzone

Originated from Italy, calzone is a baked turnover known as pizza pocket. A calzone is literally a folded pizza, with pizza bread filled with pizza toppings then baked with the edge sealed. Ham, salami, anchovies, tomatoes, onions, olives and, of course, all kinds of cheeses are common calzone ingredients. Meats, multiple cheeses and more ingredients are added, as calzone immigrate to other countries then transformed. Leavened, chewy dough will be baked with egg wash on the surface, glistening with gold. The shiny crust, the cheesy fillings and the chewy wrapper is fascinating to all.

Multipurpose Industrial Turnover Machine for Calzone, Empanada, Samosa and more.

HM-777 multipurpose dumpling forming machine can produce all kinds of dumplings by changing the molds of different sizes and shapes. Thanks to the customized molds, dumplings, like gyoza, ravioli, pelmeni, calzone, empanada, samosa and turnover can be produced. Aside from the shapes, HM-777 can also handle diverse ingredients. In addition to fillings like, fish paste, mashed potato, jam, cheese and minced meat, HM-777 can stuff dumplings, pies and turnovers with vegetables with stems and leaves. The special filling feeder designs enhance the extrusion of vegetable fillings and preserve the texture of the fillings. Thus, HM-777 is the best machine for industrial turnover line establishing, suitable for producing pan-fried bun, vegan gyoza and vegetarian stuffed foods.

Street foods can be hold by one hand, and eaten without cutleries, the portability and convenience is the biggest draw. The small proportion and large consumption of street foods results to the high demands of productivity. The market of street foods is no less than that of frozen foods and restaurants. To supply the large quantity of street foods, automatic machine for food processing is necessary. By investing in industrial food equipment, street food suppliers can benefit from the efficiency and high quality.