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Ultrasonic Cutter:Cookie for Our Old Customer

ultrasonic cutter for cookie biscuit and cake

Since the new headquarter of Hundred Machinery was built, we have been inviting customers, old and new, to visit us. An old customer, who had purchased dozens of machines from over ten years, had come to Tainan. In addition to see the new factory, they also want to update their equipment. As one of the leaders of food souvenir industry in Taiwan, our old customer has been developing and producing gifting foods and snacks of Taiwan. Thanks to the prosperous tourism and the need of food gifting, the demands on their products are high and tense. As a result, they have applied food machinery for automatic production, and Hundred Machinery has always been their reliable supplier.

Their brand produced a great variety of products. Form Nougat, pastry, cookie to frozen Daifuku mochi and macaron, their products are available at the tourist spots and supermarket. The brand cleverly multiplied the items of their products instead of focusing on one category. The more choices the brand provided to their customers, the better the profits. The owner kept the rule of brand benefit in heart and earned himself a place at home and abroad. Promoting Taiwan ’s traditional food to the international market and sales in up to 50 countries, our respectful customer achieved a remarkable success.

High-speed Production Line:Ultrasonic Cutter and Automatic Aligning Machine

In order to enhance the productivity, our old customer came for the test run. With HM-588 multipurpose encrusting machine, the ultrasonic cutter and automatic aligning machine can form a complete and competitive production line.

Video: HM-588 Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine with Ultrasonic Knife / HM-206 Automatic High-speed Aligning Machine

HM-588 multipurpose filling and forming machine is the most advanced machine of Hundred Machinery. It can go with multiple optional components and devices to meet the production needs. As for the ultrasonic cutter, it can be used to make delicate biscuit products. The ultrasonic cutter uses the microscope waves to cut soft and sticky materials without damaging the shape and structure. That is why, ultrasonic cutter is suitable for biscuits with nuts and cookies of delicate shapes. Soft cookies dough will be formed with smooth surfaces and complete shapes.

In addition to the encrusting machine and the impressive blades, HM-206 automatic high-speed aligning machine is also a great feature. Automatically, HM-206 can stack 30 baking trays for placing and aligning up to 100 pieces per minute.

Fill the hopper and press the button, the cookies are ready to be baked in the oven. Without laying a single finger on the food, the production line is efficient, clean and multifunctional. Our customer was impressed by the efficiency and the five-star services. We have prepared beverage and refreshments for our customers while our technicians demonstrated the machines. The smooth operation and The contract was signed on the same day and left with satisfaction. We could proudly anticipate that new products will be made in his food kingdom.

Providing consumers with multiple choices enhances competitiveness and expands the market scale of the brand. Therefore, food manufacturers are constantly launching new products. Hundred Machinery has a Dream Team composed of international ingredient suppliers for food R&D. From materials, formulations to machinery and equipment, the Dream Team has professionals to support our customers!