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Mooncake, Machine and The Magic of Automation

廣式月餅 cantonese mooncake machine

A clear fall night, a nice cup of tea, a bright full moon, a family reunion, a tale to be told and a delicate dessert in your hands. What more could you ask for?

Delicate. Taste. Mooncake.

From the golden moon to a golden pastry, mooncake is a feast for the eyes and the palates. The look of the mooncake is as important as its taste. Imprinted with meticulous patterns, mooncakes are famous for their delicate decoration. Addition to the look, the ingredients for fillings are also elaborately designed. Traditional or modern, the diverse crusts, skins, flavors and savors of mooncake attracted pastry lovers around the world.

Automatic Mooncake Machine for Pastry Production

As the hottest food of mid-autumn festival, mooncake has always in short supply during the festival. Since mooncake is more complicated to make, producing mooncakes requires a lot of time and work. Therefore, during the busy season, bakeries and pastry suppliers had to work all day long for the orders. To lower the cost and to relief the artisan bakers from heavy workloads, Hundred Machinery developed automatic mooncake machines.

Video: HM-588 Automatic Mooncake Machine For Pastry Production

We developed the extrusion flow controllers of HM-588 with 45-degree slopes, enabling smooth extrusion with less ingredient waste. Aside from the two motors for screws, HM-588 has two additional motors for both extrusion flow controllers. Controlling the extruding speed respectively, the design preserves the texture of ingredients and the proportion of the skin and filling.

綠豆椪 mung bean pastry mooncake machine 廣式雙黃月餅 double salted egg yolk mooncake machine 玫瑰流沙月餅 custard rose mooncake machine

Mung Bean Pastry, Double Yolk Mooncake and Custard Mooncake

Product Development and Turnkey Solutions

Quality and capacity have always been our pursuit. The motivation of this pursuit came from our belief that machines are created to enhance humanity. Therefore, we designed, developed and manufactured fine machines to create foods with fine quality. Moreover, to make a further progress to our mission, we devoted to developing foods.

Integrating ingredient suppliers and artisan bakers with our machines, Hundred Machinery set up a Dream Team to provide turnkey solutions. We developed salted egg pastry with cookie crust, custard rose mooncake, four-color momoyama mooncake and more for our customers. Thanks to this, our customers can save the cost and trouble for new product development. With our efficient machines, product recipes and reliable ingredient supplies, customers can start the production right away. We provide not just functional machines, but five-star test run services and thorough after-sale supports.