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HM Bakery R&D Workshop

When Handmade Food Met Machine

Handmade delicacies can always satisfy those who have delicate palates. Experts’ special recipes and meticulous culinary arts are great attraction to foodies around the world. Hundred Machinery had observed consumers’ fancy for handmade food. Therefore, we set up workshops for experiences exchange, and research and development on bakery goods. By connecting handmade foods and machines we devoted to spreading tasty foods to the world.

artisan baker of renowned bakery

The Art of Artisans V.S. The Technique of Encrusting Machine


Hundred Machinery summoned experienced and skillful bakers to the workshops, exchanging know-hows and strength with our professional technicians. Furthermore, we applied the skill of artisan bakers to improve the performance of automatic production. We adjusted the formulation and modified exclusive recipes. Finally, we successfully developed and produced various bakery products, like Baumkuchen, fruit pies, Cantonese-style mooncake, bread sticks with toppings and Momoyama skin mooncake.

Perfect shapes, rich flavors of fillings and exceptional textures of these machine-made delicacies are no inferior to handmade ones.

artisan baker of renowned bakery

The Warmth of HM’s Souvenir Presentation

Learned from the  workshops, Hundred Machinery reproducing the texture of handmade products to create new bakery products with warm quality.

The 9th encrusted food presentation of Hundred Machinery was held in Suzhou on 2019 November 13th. Focusing on the theme, food and souvenir, the presentation started with eye-catching exhibition followed with exciting production line show.

The show carried out the production of new bakery products developed from workshops, such as four-layered egg yolk cake, three-layered Taiwanese mochi, double-filling croquette, open-top bread with salad sauce, Japanese Daifuku mochi and so on. Our machine successfully demonstrated the production from adding ingredients, encrusting and forming to baking. The perfect operation of Hundred Machinery machines impressed our guests and the taste of handmade quality created by machines received high appreciation.

bakery products developed in Hundred Machinery bakery workshop

Providing active care and thoughtful solutions to achieve clients’ production demands has always been our quest. Breaking the quantity limitation, our machine elevated productive capacity without interfering the texture. Furthermore, by developing over 15 new food products each year, we give clients most cost-effective solution with our multi-functional machines. Hundred Machinery keeps market trends and innovation spirits in mind, continue holding the workshops in the future. By exchanging the experiences gained, we will break through the boundary of artisans and machines to open a new page in bakery industry.

double filling croquette made in Hundred Machinery bakery workshop

Double-stuffed Croquette

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