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Taro Bun

About Taro Bun

Stuffed steamed buns are made from fermented dough, filling with savory and sweet stuffing. Steamed buns can be stuffed with chopped or minced meats, vegetables, sesame, bean paste, and etc. Stuffed with sweet and mushy taro paste, taro bun is a traditional dessert favored by all. The soft skin and the pulpy fillings are a perfect match for elders with decayed tooth. Rich with taro, the fillings can be smooth and creamy, grainy and even runny like custard bun. The natural lavender is the most distinctive feature of taro bun.

Steamed, baked or fried, different ways of finishing create diverse textures and tastes to the taro bun. Thanks to the automatic production of steamed meat buns, taro buns are available in super markets and groceries worldwide. With simple steps, customers can enjoy a steaming hot, tender and flavorful taro buns.

About Taro Bun Machine

Steamed bun machines, HM-6 series, of Hundred Machinery are multipurpose stuffing and forming machine for breads and buns. It provides stable and mass production for stuffed steamed buns of all flavors and fillings. According to your needs, we can not only customize your taro bun machine for production line configuration but also customize the food product you wish to produce.

For more information about steamed taro bun (baozi) machine, please contact us via inquiry form or email.

Taro Bun Forming Machine List