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Bean Paste Bun

About Bean Paste Bun (Dou Sha Bao)

Steamed bean paste bun, a traditional dim sum derived from Beijing and Tianjin, is stuffed with bean paste. In addition to the traditional red bean fillings, stuffing like sesame paste, lotus seed, purple sweet potato, and son on, are widely used according to the preference of markets. The creativity of bean paste bun has not confined the ingredients nor the appearance. Based on the round shape, chefs made bean paste bun into hedgehogs, pandas, bunnies, or cartoon characters, making the dessert even more attractive.

About Bean Paste Bun (Dou Sha Bao) Machine

Steamed bun machines, HM-6 series, of Hundred Machinery are multipurpose stuffing and forming machine for breads and buns. It provides stable and mass production for custard bun of all flavors and fillings. According to your needs, we can not only customize your bean paste bun machine for production line configuration but also customize the food product you wish to produce.

Hundred Machinery recommends reconditioned used machines for bun, bread, bean paste bun, and other stuffed breads. Hundred Machinery used motors, inverters and bearings made in Japan to ensure the durability of the machine. Additionally, we provide thorough after-sale support to free you from the concern of spare parts replacement and repair.

For more information about steamed bean paste bun (dou sha bao) machine, please contact us via inquiry form or email.

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