HM-168 Auto Encrusting Machine (High Speed Type)

HM-168 Auto Encrusting Machine (High Speed Type)


Product Description

The HM-168 is a new debut patent article by Hundred Machinery who is specialized in Food Encrusting machine. Designed to encase a filling inside outer casing to produce product into balls, barsand cylindrical molding automatically.

It’s specialized in manufacturingBakery, Confectionery, Sweet/Cookies, Frozen food products by high output 100pcs/min(under 45g) with a variety of food materials from soft to sticky.


Option :

1. Double Filling Feeder (For making double filling in product)

2. Solid Filling Feeder (For feeding solid material inside product like tomato, egg yolk, nut olive, avaiable to use for making mochi, moon cake)

3. Jam Filling Feeder

4. Vertical Cross Cutter

5. Flattening Roller




。Capacity:Max 100 pcs/min(Under 45g)

。Product Weight:10 ~ 150 g

。Dimension:1,550mm(L)x 900mm(W)x 1,300mm(H)

。Machine Weight:250 kg

。Electricity:3Phase, 220V, 1.29kw


Food produced by this machine


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